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Taya Smith (Hillsong UNITED, Oceans) // WT007

Taya Smith (Hillsong UNITED, Oceans) // WT007

Taya Smith is a vocalist for the band Hillsong UNITED and a member of the creative team at Hillsong Church in Australia. She came to worldwide attention for her performance of “Oceans” on UNITED’s album, Zion.
In this podcast, she talks to Jimi about how she became a member of the band, how God has used that song to open up doors around the world, and why she’s looking forward to the release of UNITED’s new album, Wonder.

0:00 Introduction – Taya Smith
0:20 Taya’s Life Before United
1:18 Moving Out From Home
1:44 Working In Retail
2:13 Friend’s Advice – Getting Planted
2:46 Becoming a Youth Leader
3:51 The Voice – Australia Audition
5:25 Recording “Oceans”
6:43 More Worship Leading Opportunities
7:12 “Don’t Put God In A Box”
7:30 Lunch With Global Creative
8:16 Leaving Work
8:34 Reflecting On The Past
9:08 “Oceans” Being A Gift

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