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Rend Collective // YOUR NAME IS POWER // New Song Cafe

Rend Collective // YOUR NAME IS POWER // New Song Cafe

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Verse 1
You’re the only answer to the darkness
You’re the only right among the wrong
You’re the only hope among the chaos
You are the voice that calls me on

Louder than every lie
My sword in every fight
The truth will chase away the night

Your name is power over darkness
Freedom for the captives
Mercy for the broken and the hopeless
Your name is faithful in the battle
Glory in the struggle
Mighty it won’t let us down or fail us
Your name is power

Verse 2
I know It is written, hope is certain
I know that The Word will never fail
I know that in every situation
You speak the power to prevail

When You speak You scatter darkness
Light arrives and heaven opens
Holy Spirit
Let us hear it
When You speak the church awakens
We believe the change is coming
Holy Spirit
Let us see it

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