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Mack Brock // One Like Us // New Song Cafe

Mack Brock // One Like Us // New Song Cafe

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Verse 1
Out of the silence, from the void
Creation resounded in Your voice
Horizons awaken high above
Collisions of color, the world You love

Pre-Chorus 1
How beautiful the stars, imagined in Your heart
Silent in the darkness
How could it ever be
That You would choose to be

One like us. there’s no one like Jesus
How wonderful is Your love
God with us, in glory, in power
I’ll praise You forevermore

Verse 2
Majesty humbled, love came down
Unequaled surrender replaced a crown
Who died on a hill where grace was born
Humanity rescued, no longer torn

Pre-Chorus 2
How powerful the cross, an altar in the dust
Triumphed in the darkness
For it could only be that glory chose to be

Your love is strong and there’s nothing stronger
Your name is great and there’s no one greater
Your praise goes on forever and evermore

Pre-Chorus 3
How precious is the name that broke the heavy grave
The first to rise in glory
And You will always be the King who died for me

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