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Joel Houston of Hillsong UNITED // Worship Together Podcast

Joel Houston of Hillsong UNITED // Worship Together Podcast

In this podcast, Joel Houston talks to host Jimi Williams about the future of UNITED, how he avoids feeling pressure to deliver on the world’s expectations and what God has taught him about finding his calling.

0:00 About the Worship Together Podcast
0:27 Episode preview
1:00 Team Talk
1:18 New Hillsong United record details
2:45 New Worship Central record details
3:38 Phones in a Worship service?
5:44 Worship Together this week
6:15 Exclusive Hillsong United Worship Leader bundle
7:00 On the Radar
7:17 Do It Again – Elevation Worship
8:54 Songs about revival
9:20 What it means to sing with expectancy
10:18 Joel Houston/Hillsong United back-story
13:33 Jimi’s Interview with Joel Houston
14:20 Special moments while in Israel
15:48 Different faiths in Israel
17:23 Joel’s first introduction to music
20:03 The beginning of Hillsong United
22:20 The heart behind the new album, “Wonder”
24:15 Hillsong’s global impact
28:15 How “Oceans” changed the course of Hillsong
31:24 Taya’s introduction to Hillsong United
33:55 The greatest story of Hillsong United
34:34 Making the choice to lean into God’s calling
35:00 A call to worship leaders
35:54 Remaining a part of the local church
36:37 The receptiveness of modern Worship music
37:30 Hillsong United’s record making process
43:30 Closing remarks

Joel Houston is a musician, songwriter, pastor, and leader of the Sydney-based worship band Hillsong UNITED. Born out of the youth ministry at Hillsong Church in Australia in 1998, UNITED’s music has gone on to reach hundreds of millions around the world with a message of hope and salvation. Joel also cofounded Hillsong Church New York City with pastor Carl Lentz.

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