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Into Faith I Go // Pat Barrett // New Song Cafe

Into Faith I Go // Pat Barrett // New Song Cafe

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Verse 1
I’ve never been good at change
If I’m honest it’s always scared me
But I can’t deny this stirring deep inside me
And I know it’s time to stop resisting
‘Cause I’m not getting any younger
Fear is such a sad way to live a life
So, face to the wind, I’m jumping out, I’m walking in
Every single thing You want to show me

To the ups and downs
The highs and lows
The taking in
The letting go
To tears and laughter
The great unknown
To the open journey
Into faith I go

Verse 2
Nobody said this would be easy
Anyone who did never went through
Anything painful
But faith is not some fragile thing that
Shatters when we walk through something hard
So, we walk on
Whatever may come

Running like a child in an open field
Stepping off the edge, I’m facing all my fears
If this is what it feels like to be born again
I’ll be born again

Verse 3
So, when I feel like giving up
When I feel like throwing it all away
I look back over my shoulder
And I can see Your goodness every
Single step that I have taken

Verse 4
And it beats like a drum
And it rings like a bell
And it sings like a choir
And it’s leading me on my way
Oh, You lead me on my way

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