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Enough // Elias Dummer // New Song Cafe

Enough // Elias Dummer // New Song Cafe

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Verse 1
I am not what I make
I am who You have made me to be
I am not what I’ve done
I am loved unconditionally
I am not loved by the measure
Of love that I bring
I am not who I know
I am known by the King of all Kings

Chorus 1
Jesus, You are enough
Jesus, You are enough for me
With nothing, I still have everything
Jesus, You are enough for me

Verse 2
You are maker, made visible
Holding the world in your hands
You are patient and merciful
Giver of grace without end
Satisfied simply by being who you?ve always been
You are infinite love
And You prove it again and again

In You I am created
In You I am sustained
With You I’m resurrected
You overcame the grave
With you I stand in victory
Now what else could I need?
With You I want for nothing
Jesus my everything

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