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HOSANNA!MUSIC o melhor do louvor e adoração de todos os tempos.

Americas best-selling praise and worship music.


Video foi extraído do VHS original e convertido para dvd, por isso o audio nao ficou 100% mas é possivel assistir sem problemas.

God Is Good – Worship with Don Moen is an album of Christian worship music recorded by Don Moen. The Contemporary Christian album was recorded live at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, together with 7000 worshippers. Different versions of the album was released in the Asian and international markets. A video was also released, and is the same recording as the international version.

The album features Ron Kenoly singing “Our Heart”, which was performed as a duet by both Moen and Kenoly.

Track listing (International)

Praise Looks Good On You – 04:22
We’ve Come To Bless Your Name – 04:39
God Is Good All The Time – 05:18
I Offer My Life – 04:26
“Be Magnified” – 04:42
“God Will Make A Way” – 03:23
Let Your Glory Fall – 06:36
God Is The Strength Of My Heart – 05:28
Shout To The Lord – 02:56
Hallelujah To The Lamb – 04:29″Our Heart” – 05:26

Credits (International)[edit]

Carl Albrecht – Drums
Leanne Albrecht – Vocals
Justo Almario – Woodwinds
John Barbour – Vocals
Ginger Blacklidge – Design
Randy Brewer – Video Producer
Tom Brooks – Producer, Arranger, Keyboards

Tim Campbell – Photography

Leigh Cappilino – Vocals
Eric Darken – Percussion
Ron Davis – Remote Audio Recorder
Rusty Goodwin – Vocals
Sandi Hall – Vocals
Chuck Harris – Assistant
Walt Harrah – Vocals
Robbie Heiner – Choir Director
Mark Israel – Live Audio Mix
Buddy Jackson – Art Direction
Paul Jackson, Jr. – Guitar
Janet Jarrell – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Chris Jaudes – Lead Trumpet
Ron Kenoly – Guest Vocalist
Steven Kerr – Orchestra Director
Debbie King – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Abraham Laboriel – Bass
Linsey Lloyd – Vocals
Paul Lynch – Vocals
Tim Marshall – Production Manager
Don Mayes – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Steve Merkel – Integrity Remote Production Staff, Senior Video Producer
Margaret Middleton – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Paul Mills – Mix
Don Moen – Worship leader, Executive producer, Piano, Fiddle
Kane Mosley – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Rick Muchow – Vocals
Rick Riso – Vocals
Adrienne Saltee – Remote Production Manager
Alfie Silas –Vocals
Jeanette Soutto – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Chris Springer – A&R Direction, Integrity Remote Production Staff
Suzie Stevens-Logan – Vocals
Chris Thomason – Executive producer
Leonard Tucker – Vocals
Burnee Tuttle – Vocals
Wes Tuttle – Vocals, Integrity/Lynchburg Liaison
Steven J. Tyrrell – Production Manager
Monica Visser – Integrity Remote Production Staff
Myla Williams – Vocals
Stephen Yake – Video Director

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