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At The Mention // Chris McClarney // New Song Cafe

At The Mention // Chris McClarney // New Song Cafe

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Verse 1
There is a name that breaks all chains
There is a name above all names
I will not fear, no I won’t be afraid
You are the One who’s strong to save
I ran from you and still you came
I rest secure in your amazing grace

The Name of Jesus will be my fortress
No power on earth could ever stand against it
I fear no evil, I will take courage
For all of creation has to bow before Him

Verse 2
When I am fighting through the night
You are the dawn that brings the light
There is a name that brings the dead to life

And at the mention
My enemies scatter
At the mention
The fear in me surrenders
There is nothing, oh nothing
That is stronger than the power of Your Name

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