Alone, Official Lyric Video – Hollyn, Feat TRU

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Alone, Official Lyric Video – Hollyn, Feat TRU
Fell for you first day that I met you, Never dreamed that I ever could forget you, But black and white make a mess, When it turn to grey, Sunlight came sweepin’ cross the window, Rewind to the time when we were so close, Got me longin’ for yesterday, But Lord You, know me, so well, I can be a little punk sometimes
But don’t leave me, leave me alone, Bust down the door to my heart like it’s Your home, Don’t need no keys
I’m on my knees, Begging You please, I’ve gotta settle this thing once and for all, You got my heart my soul You can have it all, I’m on my knees, Beggin’ You please, Beggin’ You please, Lord, Don’t leave me alone